[Vm-dev] Sounds baaad sounds

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 06:57:25 UTC 2011

Hi andreas

So if I summarise the situation:

igor wants to refactor code so that the VM can be shared by several groups of images having different code
and make sure that the vm can be built on each of these groups so that the code/vm is always in sync.
and you are against stating that this refactor brings extra complexity (which I do not really see but let us say that you are right).

Now my question is what is then the process, if one of these groups change image side that gets an impact 
that leads to the fact that it cannot build a VM? 
I ask because the semaphore input has not be integrated on the windows VM since a year a guess and as a consequence
we are forced to use a polling system instead of a event based one. 
The conclusion of this discussion to me seems that while you are against git "because it helps people forking and fork are evil", this 
discussion seems to show that your position would lead exactly to force people to fork. I'm not against this because forking may be good to avoid truck factor but this is not something that we wanted to do.

May be I'm stupid and I do not understand well but I'm sure that you will explain it to me. 


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