[Vm-dev] Re: I need help building Cog on 64bit Linux (new Squeak server)

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Sat Jan 26 23:54:00 UTC 2013

On 01/26/2013 04:02 PM, Ken Causey wrote:
> On 01/26/2013 03:50 PM, Ken Causey wrote:
>> The problem I'm running into now is with building BochsIA32Plugin:
> And a little more careful reading would have indicated that this is
> because I missed a step. Well, no, I don't really have any need for the
> Cog VM simulator. So how do I disable building this plugin? Do I need to
> run VMMaker?
> Unless I'm misunderstanding it seems like a mistake to me to have that
> plugin built by default. But then I guess I am building from development
> (SVN) sources.
> Ken

David wrote:

> In the Cog build procedure, compiling a plugin is enabled by including the
> plugin in either the plugins.ext or plugins.int file. These two files should
> be in your build directory, and the idea is to edit them prior to running
> configure. To get rid of the that plugin, just find it in one of those two
> files and edit it out.
> If you do want to try running VMMaker, there is a script on the squeakci.org
> server in the CogVM job that may serve as a useful reference. Look in the
> workspace for the script file http://squeakci.org/job/CogVM/ws/VMCogUnixBuild.st
> You should edit the file and change one line to this before using it, otherwise
> it will exit your image without saving after you run it:
> exitWhenDone := true. "<== EDIT THIS"
> That done, you should be able to just file in the script and end up with
> a Cog VM. Note that the script will write its own plugins.ext and plugins.int
> files before it does the configure step, so you will probably want to edit
> that to add the plugins you want.
> There is a similar build script for the interpreter VM on squeakci.org
> also. This uses Ian Piumarta's CMake based build process, which eliminates
> some of the annoyances you are dealing with here. But that won't help you
> if you are building a Cog VM, so you'll just need to fiddle with the
> plugins.ext, plugins.int, and configure parameters until you get what
> you need. Of course CMake has its own set of annoyances, so pick your
> poison ;-)
> HTH,
> Dave

Thanks Dave!  It's been some years since I did more than configure ; 
make ; make install when building a VM so I've gotten lazy and my memory 
has faded significantly.  I'll stop fighting with the CogVM image for 
now and try to just modify the plugins files and get on with it.  Thanks 
for the build script, hopefully I won't need it, but now I have it as 
another reference.


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