Re: [Vm-dev] VMMakerTool vs VMMaker file handling for VMMAker.oscog    and a hunch

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Thanks Tim.

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> Hi All. 
> I noticed that VMMakerTool burps on the oscogvm/platforms file path (on linux) while the scripting approach uses that just fine. (Moving all the subdirectories under osgocvm/ to ./ let's the tool do its thing just fine). 
> My hunch is that scripting is the preferred way to build and VMMakerTool is not used for .oscog 
> True? 
IIRC Eliot doesn’t use the UI tool. I did update it a smidge last year to make it work with the way code was layed out then; it probably needs another firkle to deal with the latest tree shape. 
The VMMakerTool was always just a way to drive the scripting side of the VMMaker anyway. For any sort of automation, scripts are the way to go. 
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