[Vm-dev] Successfully built VM on OS X 10.11.6 (15G18013)

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Wed Mar 14 19:58:44 UTC 2018

Hi Eliot,

I’ve successfully built the VM on the OS X revision described in the subject line.  (Hooray!)  It was indeed easy and not scary or intimidating at all.  

Steps taken:

1. googled "cog blog squeak”

2. visited "compiling the VM" at 

(#2 note:   http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6202 was not immediately helpful as far as compiling the VM -- maybe could contain link to the above)

3.  followed instructions from “compiling the VM": 
	% cd ~/src
	% git clone http://www.github.com/OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm oscogvm
	% cd oscogvm

4.  opened & began following README.md  (Eliot Miranda / August 2017)

misty:src tcj$ cd oscogvm/
misty:oscogvm tcj$ ./scripts/updateSCCSVersions
No stash found.

misty:oscogvm tcj$ cd build.macos32x86

5.  opened & began following HowToBuild

6.  followed code-signing instructions in step 1

	decided on self-signed certificate
	created in keychain utility per:
	added export SIGNING_IDENTITY="tcj Code Signing" to ~/.bash_profile
	sourced ~/.bash_profile

7.  	continued to follow instructions:

	% cd squeak.cog.spur
	% ./mvm -A

	entered keychain password for code-signing 3 times, a’la note in README.md #1a

	dutifully ignored various frightening warnings about deprecations etc.

8.  ka-blang!  success!

	 open ./Squeak.app

Couldn’t have any been clearer.

One future direction I may explore: adding older SDKs a’la the instructions in “HowToBuild”.  

I know that an old way to add SDKs would have involved opening an Xcode project file and adding “frameworks" via the Xcode GUI.  It looks like the modern build system seems to not use `xcodebuild` or Xcode project files anymore.  I also want to make sure that the Info.plist in the app bundle reflects the lowest SDK used;  right now it lists 10.9.0 and I’m not sure if this hard-coded or generated.

One place I got curious because I’m on a sort-of holiday, but decided to walk slowly away from:  the old (e.g. Squeak Cog 4.0.3248) Mac OS VM’s “Squeak DoIt” entry in OS X’s “Services” menu, which is now gone.  

It used to live in Info.plist, now it doesn’t.  It seemed to be rather clumsy before (launching a new VM rather than communicating with an existing one) and may have involved an extended clipboard plugin so I’ve decided this is a bee’s nest I will refrain from poking.  I’ll stop considering how far Squeak can dive into NSPasteboard.  It’s not important.  Just a whim.  On with my day.  


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