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tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Nov 6 19:21:37 UTC 2020

> On 2020-11-05, at 7:58 PM, Yoshiki Ohshima <Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org> wrote:
> This is probably a fix we'd do on the image side, but one thing Abe-san mentioned was that the first time playing a sound takes longer as it would be initializing the sound system.

Ah, yes, that problem. It's basically a result of the utterly pathetic sound capabilities of linuxes. The 'fun' we had with pulseaudio and so on... (un)happy days.

> Maybe we can play a silent sound (like the sound of one hand clapping) at the start up time anyway as many Scratch projects involve sound anyway.

There was, at some point, a Very Good Reason for using the 'stop sounds when done' preference. IIRC there was something about hissing background noises? We can certainly try again and see if the march of time has improved things.

There is also (as I've just been reminded by the very famous Scratcher Simon Walters) still the ancient bug of odd morph clipping when dropping a block onto another block to add it to the script. Never did manage to solve that one and it doesn't happen when you try to degub it... if anyone has any ideas...

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