[Vm-dev] [SQUEAKVM] SqueakSSL support code updated on squeakvm.org SVN repository

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Sun Nov 15 19:11:24 UTC 2020

Thanks David,

I added/merged your updates into SVN trunk with the following changes:

01-aio.patch: generalized for all platforms because sigaction is portable, 
so the #ifdef __sun__ is not required.

02-sqUnixSoundPulseAudio.patch: Added, no changes.

03-sqUnixSoundSun.patch: I had applied this already back in May or so,
so no new update needed.

04-sunproversion.patch: For the compiler version string fix, use
${CMAKE_C_COMPILER_VERSION} for all compilers. No need for a SunPro variant
because cmake does the right thing for all compilers including gnu and llvm.

05-installdoc.patch: I did not include this patch for adding the LICENSE file
because I'm worried that it might cause confusion with the various build
VM systems, and because it's probably not needed for most users.

With these updates, I think that you will be able to use the latest SVN
platforms without further patching, except for the LICENSE patch that
you will probably want to keep using in your environment.

If possible I would suggest that you move forward to latest platform
sources because they include recent updates by Tobias Pape that make
the SSL connections to source.squeak.org and squeaksource.com work


On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 02:52:41PM +0100, stes at PANDORA.BE wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> You can find the patches for squeak-4 (subversion sources) at:
>   https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland/tree/oi/hipster/components/runtime/squeak4/patches
> The patch for pulseaudio would be very useful to apply:
>  02-sqUnixSoundPulseAudio.patch
> Also the 01-aio.patch is important because otherwise you can't do much,
> since the default action on Solaris System V UNIX is to sigkill on SIGIO
> or SIGPIPE (so without the 01-aio.path the VM runs, but is killed pretty soon).
> In some sense 01-aio.patch is optional as the VM compiles without it,
> so 01-aio.patch is perhaps not required to add to the Squeak VM svn repo.
>  The 04-sunproversion.patch is required to compile with SunPRO cc (C compiler).
> The 05-installdoc.patch is something that I use, but perhaps not required to
> add to the Squeak VM.
> All of those patches can be either incorporated in the mainline (upstream)
> Squeak VM sources OR I can just continue to apply those patches when a package,
> is built (as external patches, which also works fine).
> Anyway you get the entire package (manifest + patches) by :
>   git clone https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland 
> The patches are in components/runtime/squeak4/patches (in the oi-userland, cd).
> OpenIndiana is an OpenSolaris derived system, which has the squeak-4
> and squeak-5 + squeak-5c packages in their repository.
> The same patches also are used on Solaris 11.4  (the Oracle product).
> The packages squeak-4 etc. are also available for Oracle Solaris 11.4.
> By the way the folks at OpenIndiana host the documentation as well:
>   http://docs.openindiana.org/handbook/community/
> There are installation instructions at :
>   http://docs.openindiana.org/handbook/community/squeak/index.html
> Which explains how to use IPS (Image Packet System) to install squeak-4
> and/or squeak-5 the stack-spur or squeak-5c the cog-spur VM.
> Regards,
> David Stes
> Version: GnuPG v2
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> wEzH362wlP8vwtVEJ3KS1aRsliXsjCeItgiv1U/JeEI3Xla+cD+mb0DNl20fdIpP
> +lRPe8fIenWtu4KpgK4EgHjUlDO+DjzSregujCCYQ5223gQmY4ugylzvts8P0ZFB
> SBuM6p9S6Qx6+S6PJok/dsj/s+MoOR7iNnauU01WC42XVveIzAlQ/BLNqRINAcI=
> =up9Y

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