[Webteam] Re: Frontpage revised

Darius squeakuser at inglang.com
Wed Nov 2 00:54:12 CET 2005

My feelings:

Brad and Michael's ideas don't allow for the 1st time visitor to "skim" the page
for key words.

The name droppings of the distinguishing technologies don't have links to
explain /why/ the technologies are important or potentially useful to the

Not all visitors are developers. Squeak is more cross-purpose that just
ruby/python/etc. It's also for the "user/content author". Squeak is special. We
don't /have/ to be just like the other sites.

If you're that desperate to shorten the page, use CSS collapsible outlines.
Those who want more can get more w/o navigating away. Those who skim just for
changes, get a short page. Those with "down-level" browsers, see the big page,
but are probably not much into technology. CSS collapsible outlines can be very
modern, professional looking.


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