[Seaside] Strange console.log behavior

Tim Mackinnon tamackinnon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 23:11:36 UTC 2010

Guys - I'm slowly starting to get my head around the JScript objects -  
and I think I've been using them properly (thats a big if) - but I've  
noticed that when I've done a few demo's to my friends (got to do a  
seaside sales pitch) sometimes my code doesn't work - and its actually  
not seaside code but the javascript that has come out.

I have a button that plays a sound (by the way - how do you contribute  
to the html5 package - as I have added some audio tag attributes?) but  
when I use the console logger it sometimes fails and sometimes works.  
It seems that if Firebug is closed (not disabled though) - my code  
gives an exception and so stops. If I open firebug it works, and when  
I close it again it works? And then sometimes it stops again? I  
thought console was a defined thing - but I don't understand it?

Has anyone else seen this? Have any tips? Ultimately I will of course  
remove my debugging - but I would like to know why?

Here's what I'm doing:

(html button)
						((html jQuery id: 'noise') each: (JSStream this call: 'play')) ,
						(html logger log: JSStream this),  <--- fails randomly here?
						(html jQuery ajax script: [ :s | self tokenModel releaseToken ]);
				with: 'Honk It' ].

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