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> Hi Paul,
> I loaded the full calendar project from JQueryWidgetBox and uploaded it into
> Seaside3.0rc; trying to test it I receive the "doesNotUnderstand: #events"
> in WASession.
> Can you help me?
> Thanks
> Lorenzo

I think you need to run the initialize method on the class side of 
JQFullCalendarExample.  The example has its own WASession subclass that 
does not get assigned as the session class when its loaded.  That 
subclass has the #events inst var.  I don't yet know how to initialize 
it using the #postLoadDoIt: functionality in Metacello for just the one 
package.   I'll add a note to the class comment.

Also, the example calendar looks pretty bad on my machine and I'm not 
sure why at the moment.  It used to look OK.  I'll look into it and 
hopefully upload a version with better formatting over the weekend.

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