[Seaside] Re: Procedure for adding a JQuery Plugin..

Lorenzo Schiavina lorenzo at edor.it
Fri Aug 6 14:59:21 UTC 2010

Hi Paul,

thank you for the hint; now it works.

I found a new problem in setEventToCreate:, where it seems that the class 
StafferEventEditor is missing.

I have a good knowledge in using stuff like full calendar; so, if you need 
any kind of help for testing or creating some applications, please, consider 

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>> Hi Paul,
>> I loaded the full calendar project from JQueryWidgetBox and uploaded it 
>> into
>> Seaside3.0rc; trying to test it I receive the "doesNotUnderstand: 
>> #events"
>> in WASession.
>> Can you help me?
>> Thanks
>> Lorenzo
> I think you need to run the initialize method on the class side of 
> JQFullCalendarExample.  The example has its own WASession subclass that 
> does not get assigned as the session class when its loaded.  That subclass 
> has the #events inst var.  I don't yet know how to initialize it using the 
> #postLoadDoIt: functionality in Metacello for just the one package.   I'll 
> add a note to the class comment.
> Also, the example calendar looks pretty bad on my machine and I'm not sure 
> why at the moment.  It used to look OK.  I'll look into it and hopefully 
> upload a version with better formatting over the weekend.
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