[Seaside] Re: Differences in calling render: from ajax?

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Thu Aug 12 12:45:02 UTC 2010


Another possibility is that the replacement rendering does not happen in the ajax call, but during the initial rendering.

Since I am not familiar with comet, I'm not sure what the "pusher javascript:' code is doing. However: have you tried putting a 'self halt' in the renderblock of the replaceWith: call ?
When does the halt occur? If it does not occur during the ajax callback that replaces your button, then that's the problem.

I'm just thinking out loud how I would debug the problem, of course. I hope this helps but it's a bit difficult from my side to see what's going on ;-)
Given my understanding of the code you show me, it should work. We have many such replacement renderings going on inside ajax script callbacks and they all do just fine. So it should eventually work just fine.

On 12 Aug 2010, at 14:01, Tim Mackinnon wrote:

> On 2010-08-12 08:41:38 +0100, Johan Brichau said:
>> Do you mean that the second html snippit is the replacement that isgenerated when you click the button (and have the replace scriptexecuting) ?
> Yes the 2nd snippet is the replacement generated on the click and it is missing the s,k params (refreshing the whole page restores them)
>> I notice that you are not using the s parameter in your ajax scriptcallback. Where are you calling the #ajaxReplaceWith: method? Is this inthe #removeToken: method? And how are you constructing the aJSQuery?
> I am reacting to a model change announcement (whose source is from another ajax call - the button click to remove an item), so the chain looks like this:
> modelChanged
> 	self pusher javascript: [ :jsScript | jsScript << (self generateUpdateScriptWith: jsScript jQuery) ]
> generateUpdateScriptWith: aJQuery
> 	^(self waitersView ajaxReplaceWith: aJQuery) , (self holderView ajaxReplaceWith: aJQuery)
> then both components inherit the following:
> ajaxReplaceWith: aJSQuery
> 	^ (aJSQuery id: myId) replaceWith: [ :r | r render: self ]
>> My guess is that you hit a problem that is identical to the onementioned in the 'important' box here:http://book.seaside.st/book/web-20/scriptaculous/ajax/updating
>> If you are generating another ajax callback, the renderContext (and thusactionUrl, etc...) are wrong.
> I think you are right - but from the above I am passing on a fresh JQuery object, and then using it to do the double dispatch on the render call?
> I think this is related to your? comet thread - it feels like there is a neat way to do this, but I haven't got my head around it yet. The above all worked fine until I had to render new callbacks into the code for my buttons.
> I'm not sure what line of attack to experiment with next?
> Tim
>> On 12 Aug 2010, at 01:17, Tim Mackinnon wrote:
>>> So I was making great progress until I descided to render removebuttons with items in my subcomponent.
>>> When I initially render my component I have something like this:
>>> renderContentOn: html
>>> 	(html div)
>>> 	     self contentModel tokenWaitersDo: [ :item | html tableRow:[ 		i := i + 1.
>>> 		html 		   tableData: [ html text: item name ];
>>> 		   tableData: [html button 												onClick: (htmljQuery ajax script: [:s| self removeToken: i]); 						value: 'Remove' ] ] ] ] ] ]
>>> And I get something in my page like this:
>>> <button class="submit" type="submit"onclick="$.ajax({&quot;dataType&quot;:&quot;script&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;/elephant&quot;,&quot;data&quot;:[&quot;_s=6EHJpgKqpOIhEcqM&quot;,&quot;_k=ICZ-_7Df8kBvKt2F&quot;,&quot;3&quot;].join(&quot;&amp;&quot;)})">Remove</button>
> When
> I 
>>> click on my remove button - I end up doing something like:
>>> ajaxReplaceWith: aJSQuery
>>> 	^ (aJSQuery id: myId) replaceWith: [ :r | r render: self ]
>>> But it generates the following:
>>> <button class="submit" type="submit"onclick="$.ajax({&quot;dataType&quot;:&quot;script&quot;,&quot;url&quot;:&quot;/&quot;,&quot;data&quot;:&quot;1&quot;})">Remove</button>
> I
> think 
>>> I picked up the above fragment from some mal message answer byLukas - and it was working well, but notice how the url parameter iswrong - its not /element with the k and s paramters???
>>> Is this because render: is not rendering in the context of a childcomponent? And is there some other way of re-rendering my component byan ajax call? I think Julian had an example in the comet thread - maybeI can get that to work?
>>> Any help greatly appreciated.
>>> Tim
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