[Seaside] JQueryWidgetBox -> JQWidgetBox-MbMenu

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Tue Aug 31 18:29:09 UTC 2010

On 31 Aug 2010, at 18:07, Rick Flower wrote:

> Now, in using the code w/ Firefox 3.5.11 I get two errors (one
> due to a reference to 'box-shadow' (in the CSS) which Firefox 
> dislikes & ignores) logged to the error console every time I 
> select a color to apply..

Indeed, the javascript code of the mbMenu offers good functionality but generates overly complex markup and even some wrong parts.
However, I have not found a better replacement for a context-menu implementation. 

But, yes, our web designer is just waiting for me to ditch and replace it :-)
In my opinion, it has a number of rough edges that are waiting to be improved.

> When I right-click on a particular cell I get the following error
> logged :
> Error: no element found
> Source File:
> http://localhost:7777/JQWidgetBox-MbMenu-Example?_s=hqd-oTtA4_Glqvdt&_k=S6_tRS-OtBQDe7g9&1&2=id33
> Line: 1
> Do you see this one on your end?  

No, I haven't got that one.
I think it's best to put a breakpoint right before the error and debug the values. That might lead to the problem.


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