[Setools] [ANN] Gjallar release "Eldrimner" 0.1

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Fri Aug 11 00:22:44 UTC 2006

Hi folks!

We are pleased to announce the first public availability of Gjallar (see
http://swiki.krampe.se/gjallar) as release "Eldrimner", modestly
numbered 0.1, typically for daredevil developers only. The license for
Gjallar is the new BSD license.

Note that this is merely a decent checkpoint during development, Gjallar
is not yet ready for anything else than experimental use and of course -

But it does *work* by some definition and we are about to start small
test deployments at our customer. But we haven't fully tested it, there
are glaring things missing and probably also things missing that we do
not know about. :)

We are trying hard to make Gjallar easily accessible for development.
One thing is that we have prepared a development image ready for
download. We are also writing down different procedures and describing
the design. We have not yet written a detailed tested tutorial/user
guide, but it is coming.

If Gjallar seems interesting and you wish to help, make addons or even
base a product around the codebase - feel free to contact us to get on
the team and join the mailinglist - we are currently using the setools

For more info (including screenshots) check the homepage:


regards, Göran & Magnus

PS. If I messed something up when preparing the release, sorry. It was
late. :) Feel free to email privately or post to the setools list.

PPS. Yes, a public Gjallar server for handling Gjallar bugs and as a
demo will be coming too.

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