Simulating the VM

Craig Latta craig at
Sun Aug 28 17:09:16 UTC 2011

Hi Sean--

> I tried to simulate the VM by executing:
> 	InterpreterSimulator simulate: 'path/to/subject.image'.
> The spoon image hung after the transcript showed:
> <Running full GC ... done>
> Looking for module Flow ... loaded.............
> Looking for module MiscPrimitivePlugin ... loaded
> What should I do differently?

     That's the right behavior. :)  The subject image is headless, so
you won't see anything new on the display. And while the simulator is
running, the UI process of the image in which you're running it is
blocked. The simulated subject image is listening on (the real) TCP port
62982, waiting for another image to connect to it; you can see this by
checking the output of 'netstat -an' at a shell.

     thanks for trying this!


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