Drawing oddity - anyone know why?

Tim Olson tim at jumpnet.com
Mon Jul 13 20:52:35 UTC 1998

>Thanks for the information. I should have mentioned that I was working on a
>Mac. Tim pointed out a solution, but as to why it is different on different
>platforms, I don't know.

I think it depends upon where you are placing your MorphicWorld window -- 
if it is full-screen or in the upper-left, then its origin and the 
Display origin are the same and your code works.  As you move the origin 
of the MorphicWorld towards the lower-right, then less and less of the 
rectangle in the Morphic window intersects with itself when drawn at the 
Display origin.  Alexander likely was testing with the Display and 
Morphic World origins the same.

     -- tim

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