A few questions...

Eric Maximiliano Rodriguez Guevara eguevara at dc.uba.ar
Fri Jun 12 20:57:46 UTC 1998

> Hi all,
> I have a few other minor questions I'm hoping to get answered.
>   1) In Squeak 2.0, the "format" menu option merely causes the pane to
>      flash as though an error had occurred, even if I've just
>      recompiled the method.  Is this a bug or has some subtlety been
>      added to format?

1) Well, richie++ (Gerardo Richiarte,mailto:gr at fuzzy.uba.ar), fixed this 
problem and sent it to tedK, but for some reason (too many work, I think) 
Ted didn't add it to the final release, I don't have the fix but you can 
ask richie to send it to you (and me too, ok richie? :-) )

>   2) I notice that when I fileOut a project (from the Change Sorter),
>      all versions of the methods seem to be written to the file.  Is
>      there a way to file out only the latest versions of the methods,
>      classes and class comments?  I tried "remove doIts" but that took
>      away the class definitions too.

In some of the default workspaces  (I think WelcomeTo or another..)
it's the explanation on how to do that, I think it's the 
message #condenseChanges.


Eric Rodriguez Guevara
eguevara at dc.uba.ar

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