A few questions...

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Fri Jun 12 21:58:35 UTC 1998

>>   2) I notice that when I fileOut a project (from the Change Sorter),
>>      all versions of the methods seem to be written to the file.  Is
>>      there a way to file out only the latest versions of the methods,
>>      classes and class comments?  I tried "remove doIts" but that took
>>      away the class definitions too.
>In some of the default workspaces  (I think WelcomeTo or another..)
>it's the explanation on how to do that, I think it's the 
>message #condenseChanges.

I don't think this is what Chris wants (condenseChanges does not save changes from a project).

Moreover, Chris, I suspect that you were really in a ChangeList and not a ChangeSorter, since 'remove doits' is only available in ChangeLists.  It is true that a ChangeList will file out all the changes, although you can use 'remove older versions' to suppress this.

However... this is not how to save changes from a project.  Instead you should use a changeSorter and fileOut from there.  This will give you only the most recent versions of all your changes, and it will also allow you to add a preamble and postscript as well, if desired.

	- Dan

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