Squeak 2.0 available

Tim Olson tim at jumpnet.com
Sat May 23 21:43:43 UTC 1998

>>To better learn Morphic, I've written a Morphic version of a board game I 
>>first saw in X/Motif; sort of a "Tetris meets Solitaire" called 
>>"SameGame".  You can download this from:
>This is really cool, Tim!  It's certainly an engaging game.

This game was played quite a bit in our group when it came out for the 
Mac.  The competition for high score fell way off, though, when one 
person got a lucky board and was able to select a group of over 40 tiles.

>Mine fell into a debugger at the end of each game until I added
>    tilesRemaining
>        ^ self submorphCount
>to SameGameBoard.

Oops - my apologies; it turns out that the last-minute changes I made 
went into a different change set, to the fileout didn't get them.  I have 
updated the change set on my web page.

The implementation of tilesRemaining should be:


	^ (submorphs reject: [:m | m disabled]) size

>It's so fine to have games in a live environment.  My son asked "how is 
>that score figured?" and I said, "Well, just a minute..."  <click> <click> 
> "Hmm, ah, yes..."  <click> <click> "here it is..."

Yeah!  Although it's also quite tempting to use the halo's to inspect and 
change the color of a "stubborn" tile ;-)

     -- tim

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