Squeak 2.0 on WindowsCE

Alejandro F. Reimondo alereimondo at sugarweb.com
Sun May 10 00:46:28 UTC 1998

Hi Andreas,
I don't have the sources here (at home).
I can have a look at 2.0 VM sources on monday.
Changes are not minimal for me; and development
 for WinCE is really very hard; debuggin is near to unusable.
When I consider to have a "working" version of the 1.3x VM
 I will send them to you to integrate them.
I don't know how much effort I will need to pay to build the 2.0
 version, but I'll try.

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> What can I do? continue with 1.3 or wait to 2.0 ...

Why don't you just have a look at the pre-released 2.0 sources of the
Win32 VM? If you send me the necessary modification I'll be happy to
integrate them (unfortunately I have no WinCE SDK, so I don't know what is
supported and what isn't).

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