New "free" version of Smalltalk/X

Randal Schwartz merlyn at
Fri May 8 14:46:02 UTC 1998

>>>>> "Dwight" == Dwight Hughes <dwighth at> writes:

Dwight> Supported architectures are:
Dwight>         linux ELF (old libc)
Dwight>         linux a.out
Dwight>         solaris2.5 (sparc)
Dwight>         aix2.3
Dwight>         dec-alpha (osf1)
Dwight>         NeXTStep3.x (mc68k)
Dwight>         hpux10
Dwight>         sgi5.3
Dwight>         unixware

Dwight> Sorry, the openVMS and win/NT versions are not yet
Dwight> included - watch for announcements in this newsgroup ...

(straining hard to see if MacOS is in there...)

Nope.  How pointless then.  And didn't even say "Sorry, MacOS is not
supported."  How disconnected can they get?

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