New Minimal MIDI for Squeak

Stephen Travis Pope stp at
Thu May 7 21:04:16 UTC 1998

Reiner wrote,

> I don't know if it's a good idea to have Siren in the image as long as
> there is only support for Mac.

I agree fully, and intend to support an SGI port as well. The low-level
primitives are indeed designed for portability, and include a very
flexible Mac implementation, much of which could be reused even for
non-OMS ports. The minimal system is not "Siren" in that the Smalltalk
model is just the port object. The musical models, real-time scheduler,
etc. are to be ported to 2.0, but are not included (as planned, check
with the WDI team) in the default 2.0 image.


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