New Minimal MIDI for Squeak

Sabine van Loon R.L.J.M.W.van.Loon at
Thu May 7 19:47:00 UTC 1998

Hi Mark,

> Just curious, is there anyone working on the Siren port to NT/Windows
Out of curiosity I checked as mentioned by stp. This is what
they say:
	The Windows OMS application is currently unavailable. 
	Please check back at a later date. Sorry for the incovienence
I did found some hardware drivers but there they say:
All drivers shown will work with Windows 3.1, 3.11, or Windows 95. These 
drivers will not work with any DOS MIDI software or with Windows NT. 
So, at least OMS for NT is not possible, I think.

However, I did find something called MidiXObj, which is low-level driver
for MIDI:
MidiXObj is a collection of two low level MIDI function Dynamic Link
Libraries (DLLs) which conforms to the XObject standard.
This is shareware and Co-Active wants something like 200 British Pounds for

I don't know if it's a good idea to have Siren in the image as long as
there is only support for Mac.

Regards, Reinier.

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