PluggableListView bug in 2.0?

Tim Olson tim at
Sun May 24 22:22:16 UTC 1998

Hi, Squeakers:

I'm trying to track down a bug I've been seeing in Squeak 2.0 -- it 
occurs when you open up a new File List and select a folder; in some 
cases it fails into the debugger when the PluggableListView attempts to 
send #controlTerminate to controller, and controller is nil.

The things you have to do to make the fail occur are strange -- when you 
open up the new File List, make sure that the cursor is within the bottom 
or top right-hand panel, and don't move the cursor outside of these 
panels before clicking on a folder in the File List.  If you move the 
cursor to the top left-hand panel or outside of the File List browser, 
the bug goes away.

Has anyone else seen this, or can they recreate the problem with my 
description above?

     -- tim

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