Debugger Problem

Andreas Raab raab at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Sun May 24 22:07:38 UTC 1998


I noticed that there is a bug in the Debugger. The selection is not
correctly updated due to wrong symbol in Debugger>>step sending #pc rather
than #contentsSelection. Here is a fix:

'From Squeak 2.0 of May 22, 1998 on 25 May 1998 at 12:05:24 am'!

!Debugger methodsFor: 'context stack menu' stamp: 'ar 5/24/1998 23:42'!
	"Send the selected message in the accessed method, and regain control 
	after the invoked method returns."
	| currentContext oldMethod |
	self okToChange ifFalse: [^ self].
	self checkContextSelection.
	externalInterrupt ifFalse: [contextStackTop push: proceedValue].
	externalInterrupt _ true. "simulation leaves same state as interrupting"
	currentContext _ self selectedContext.
	self contextStackIndex > 1
			[currentContext completeCallee: contextStackTop.
			self resetContext: currentContext]
			[currentContext stepToSendOrReturn.
			currentContext willReturn
					[oldMethod _ currentContext method.
					currentContext _ currentContext step.
					currentContext stepToSendOrReturn.
					self resetContext: currentContext.
					oldMethod == currentContext method "didnt used to update pc here"
						ifTrue: [self changed: #contentsSelection]]
					[currentContext completeCallee: currentContext step.
					self changed: #contentsSelection.
					self updateInspectors]]! !

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