Jitter 2.0 for Macs?

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Sat May 30 14:53:58 UTC 1998

>On Wed, 27 May 1998 16:55:48 -0400, Mark Guzdial wrote:
>>I couldn't find a Jitter VM 2.0 for Macs anywhere.  Is it the same as the
>>1.31 Jitter?  Or do we need to generate the source and recompile it?
>I was waiting to see the answer to Mark's question, but one never arrived.
>The Squeak web page at uiuc has been updated to refer to the new 2.0
>version of Squeak and it says the release includes Jitter2.0 PPC, but it
>doesn't as we all know.  I saw that the new Squeak VM 2.0 has a Category
>called Squeak-Jitter and I wondered if Jitter is just built into this VM
>and if a separate VM isn't needed.  (I'm just a beginner here.)

We're sort of waiting for a new version of Jitter from Ian.  We will get something out in due time, whether an old or new Jitter.  You should find the standard VM adequate for the next few weeks at least.  

	TST (The Squeak Team)

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