[pws] World's Easiest Webserver?

Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Thu May 21 13:07:27 UTC 1998

Thanks, John, for the comments!

For others not on the PWS mailing list, below is the message John was
responding to.  Ross Philipson is a student working with me on "turnkey"
web serving via PWS and Squeak.  If you would like to try his tool (still
quite beta and seeking comments!), you're welcome!  He has a page for
accepting comments at http://pbl.cc.gatech.edu:8080/myswiki .  A new
version will come out with Squeak 2.0 with updates based on the feedback we


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Ross Philipson has packaged up a 1.31 image with his administration tools
already running in it.  It is amazingly easy to set up now!

Here's what we can tell novices to do to run PWS/Swiki:
- Download the Squeak package appropriate to your system from
- Download http://guzdial.cc.gatech.edu/st/pwsimg.zip and unzip it
- Drag the Squeak1.31.image file from the zip archive onto your VM (the
- From a web browser on your machine, go to http://localhost:8080 and
answer the questions

Currently, this process works for 1.31 or 2.0Beta VMs, but his image is
still based on 1.31.  We'll update to 2.0 when it's released, and then
start trying to get novices using it.

If you know of anyone who has been wanting to start up a PWS/Swiki, please
have them try this process!  We'd appreciate feedback.  Ross has some
specific questions that he's going to ask y'all for opinions and feedback


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