okay-- getting ready to port Squeak

Adam Bridge abridge at wheel.dcn.davis.ca.us
Wed May 20 22:36:43 UTC 1998

Okay, gulp, I finally have a stable Rhapsody development environment and 
I'm getting ready to port Squeak.

Can someone who has done this please give me a few hints.

Rhapsody is Mach with a BSD 4.4 personality.  I do NOT plan on using 
X-windows since that isn't a part of the Rhapsody distribution.

If you've ported Squeak, I'd love some advice.

I'll try to post progress on my web page with an announcement to the 
first posting here.

I initially started to do this months and months ago but I'm only now 
beginning to feel even a little secure with both the development 
environment and the software environment.

Thanks Squeakers!

Adam Bridge

Adam Bridge       

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