squeak 2.0

Chris Reuter cgreuter at calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Fri May 22 01:41:23 UTC 1998

> Andreas,
> > Let me just add that 2.0 Beta runs fine with the 1.31 VM on my Linux
> > system. You won't have the serial port and it takes a little longer to
> > start but unless you're on a very slow machine that's not a problem.
> Doesn't work here:
> I used juju 0.2.1 to decode the image file (3553764 bytes).  Any
> ideas?

I also used juju to extract the image file and got the same result
with both the 2.0 VM (built with stubs for the missing functions) and
on the working 1.3 VM.  It appears that juju screws up.

I've gotten a copy of the Windows version but haven't yet tried it.


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