Quick question - setting the default font size

Christopher Patti cpatti at bur-po1.bbn.com
Fri Oct 16 20:55:00 UTC 1998

Hi there folks.

I'm admittedly a Squeak newbie.

I'm having a problem. (A newbie with a problem? How novel :)

I'm blind as a bat :) (20/200 in one eye actually)

I'm trying to learn Squeak.  The only sub-problem with this is that I can't
read the default font that Squeak uses when it starts up.

I've checked all the web pages and thus far have seen no hints.  I've tried
to read the included doco but since mostly the way to read that is in
Squeak I've been thus far un-successful.

So - How can I kick the default font size up a few notches?

Thanks and sorry if this is FAQ.

-Chris P.

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