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Dave Astels astels at
Wed Oct 28 19:54:24 UTC 1998

Dwight Hughes wrote:

> Are you planning on keeping Brooks' exact same Behavior Language LISPy
> syntax and implementation or do you plan to create a new Smalltalk-based
> Behavior Language?

It will be a new Behaviour language that is Smalltalk based rather than LISP
based.  The tools will follow the same "style" as the standard Smalltalk
development environment.

> If you were to create a SVM that ran a subset of
> Squeak, this could be a very exciting thing for a lot of folks (not so
> much the subsumption architecture per se but the frameworks and
> mechanisms for generating the embeddable VM).

I'm not sure how much of a Squeak subset will be required/desired/included
but I am planning on using as much of a Smalltalkish syntax as possible.

My job these days involves working on an embedded Java project in a VxWorks
environment (see ... has there been any work towards
a headless, embedded real-time Squeak?  This is another project that would
be interesting to pursue.


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