Newbie Mode

Bolot Kerimbaev bolot at
Sat Aug 28 18:28:44 UTC 1999

lets see...

To see if some preference is set, you can do:
 Preferences somePreference ifTrue: [...]
So, for the noviceMode it would be:
 Preferences noviceMode ifTrue: [...]
An important thing is that noviceMode is a message send.

Thus, you can type noviceMode, select it, and press command-n (or
apple-n, or alt-n, or bazooka-n, depending on your platform).
It will open a window with the list of senders of that message.
As you can discover, among other thing the novice mode creates balloon
help for a few well-known operations, such as: close/collapse window,
stretch a morph, etc.


On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Chris wrote:

> What does the Newbie mood do? I haven't really found a difference
> between "Novice Mode" and "regular mode"...
> 	I know someone asked this question a week ago, but no one answered
> it. I've found that if you ask compounded questions on this list,
> everyone will answer the easiest, and ignore the second question.

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