[Newbie] A better MacSqueak

John.Maloney at disney.com John.Maloney at disney.com
Sun Aug 8 15:33:51 UTC 1999

Squeak does have support for both input and output of sound on the Mac.
It uses the standard Mac sound manager, which I assue should make it work
with your clone. Try:

  AbstractSound stereoBachFugue play

as a basic test of the sound output.

In morphic, create a "RecordingControlsMorph" from the "new morph..."
menu (under "Widgets"). Be sure you have the proper input device
selected in your Mac control panel (e.g., microphone, rather than
the CD driver). Hit record and make some noise. You should see activity
in the sound level bar. Hit stop to end recording, then play to play
it back.

For 3D, you need to put the Mac version of the "Squeak3D" plugin into
the same folder as you Squeak VM.

There is a custom icon for Squeak on the Mac, although I can't recall
where it is.

Welcome to Squeak!

	-- John

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