Microsoft shopping for Java alternative

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz at
Sat Feb 13 17:24:06 UTC 1999

Kevin Fisher wrote:
> As a side note, didn't bill gates give a talk recently somewhere where
> he made a not-so-flattering reference to Smalltalk?

Irrelevant. Bill did a 180 degrees turn on Internet matters. There's no
reason why he wouldn't do the same about Smalltalk.
There are two reasons why Microsoft will not adopt Smalltalk:
1) There is a good free environment already. Microsoft is already
paranoid about Open Source; it won't support anything that they can't
effectively make Closed Source. IOW if they adopt Smalltalk they will
try to make Squeak obsolete as soon as they can, or not move to
Smalltalk at all.
2) Bill is a BASIC fan(atic). I think Microsoft does C++, Pascal, etc.
only because there was no way around it. I don't think MS will adopt any
language that's both powerful and easy to use; rather, they will make
Visual Basic (or whatever it's name in its then-current incarnation)
adopt Smalltalk features. (VB seems to have stuff that's being hyped as
OO already.)

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