Another personality for a smaller Squeak (was Re: Classical Applications (was Re: 17 new updates))

Andrew C. Greenberg werdna at
Fri Feb 12 03:47:43 UTC 1999

>> The system needs a full documentation of all public methods and a strict
>> separation of public and private methods, similar to the JavaDoc output.

Squeak, because its so reflexive, already has this facility. 
Basically, its called the Browser.  (You can fill in any gaps with a 
workspace and a few calls to the Behavior and Class classes.)

Just as with JavaDoc, the facilities for documentation in Squeak are 
of little good unless programmers actually use them (most JavaDoc 
documentation --apart from the structural stuff-- published in free 
software is of about the same quality as Squeak presently contains).

And hey, nothing is keeping we plebes from beginning this process 
right now.  Pick a class, any class, study it, and fill out the 
documentation.  Build a change file and send it in!

Look guys, this is OPEN SOURCE software -- whatever you want it to 
be, make it so!  It is unreasonable for you to expect Squeak Central 
(who has given us GOBS of stuff and is making more gobs at enormous 
rates) to stop what they are doing to build an entirely new and 
different system -- they have their own agenda, and you and I have 
ours.  The point is that they have given us this grand GIFT -- and it 
is up to us to make it great.  That's the theory of the Bazaar. 
Enjoy the chaos!

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