2.3 for Unix

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Tue Feb 9 12:55:52 UTC 1999


Since Ver 2.3 I get some strange output from the VM-statistics:

GCs             752 (298ms between GCs)
        full            2 in 800,564ms (357.0% uptime), avg 400282.0ms
        incr            750 in 3,068,222ms (1370.0% uptime), avg 4091.0ms

The bug is inside the VM, I get the same results with both the 2.2
and the 2.3 image. (and 2.3 VM, but not with the 2.3beta VM)

ObjectMemory>>incrementalGC uses the ioMicroMSecs primitive, which
was changed in the 2.3 unixvm.

System: Linux 2.0.3x, Debian 2.0pre (glibc)


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