Question about comparing method revisions in Squeak 2.3 (Windows NT, 4.0)

Norton, Chris chrisn at
Fri Feb 5 19:45:43 UTC 1999

Hi Folks.

[First a gushing THANK YOU...]
I want to offer my sincere thanks to you all for creating Squeak; it's super
cool!  I've been playing around with it for a few weeks now and I am very
impressed with its power and with the various projects (& enthusiasm) that
you good people have been up to.  This is a really good opportunity for me
(& for us all) to get exposed to lots of really original and novel OO ideas
and projects.  I have long had an interest in many of the different projects
you have already begun, but have not had the experience, technical fortitude
or opportunity to read and to write code on such wide ranging subjects as
picture readers (JPEG, etc.), internet browsers (Scamper), MIDI and many of
the other super topics.  This is where the excitement is at and I'm glad to
be a part of it!!

[Note:  As I am a Squeak newbie, I apologize if I am asking a question that
has been asked already (half a dozen times :-)]

I was recently making some small changes to a method and I discovered the
versions browser.  Now, having worked with Visual Smalltalk Enterprise for
the past 3 years, I have grown accustomed to their change browser, which
lets you select different (non-contiguous) methods and compare them side by
side (with the changes highlighted).  Is there a way to do this with Squeak?
I know that you can compare a method with the current method and that you
can compare contiguous method revisions.

I think it would also be useful to be able to compare (side by side) methods
from different classes.

Thanks so much!

---==> Chris

PS>  I've mostly concentrated on the MVC part of Squeak, as I am still a bit
intimidated by Morphic.  As my confidence grows, I'm sure I'll branch more
into that area.  :-)

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