Squeak port to ggi problems

Sebastian Raul Wain swain at impsat1.com.ar
Fri Feb 12 16:05:25 UTC 1999

In the port of Squeak to ggi i have two  problems (i suppose the two are

the same)
Basicly i used the Sqdoswin.c in the dos port to begin and the 2.2
of Squeak.

The screen works fine, but in a few video cards in 800x600 (I try with a

viper v330 agp,  s3 virge pci and finally i probed with my old trident
without any problem but this is a problem in the ggi part).

(I) When i am moving the mouse, the mouse jumps not in a smooth form.

(II) When i am typing in the keyboard i don't see any character until i
move the mouse a little bit ( is not a problem of focus).
If i type in the keyboard while i am moving the mouse just a little bit
then i can view the characters, if i don't i have to wait the move the
mouse  to view the characters.

I traced the keyboard (readkey() in the dos port) and mouse sections of
code and they run when the event happens.

Any Idea?

Sebastian Wain

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