Classical Application

James Foster james at
Fri Feb 12 17:07:47 UTC 1999

I'd like to echo the recent question about how to write a "classical
application." While the multi-media stuff is interesting, I'd really like to
know how to build a simple card catalog, record library, contact list, or
something like that. I want to present a list of items, let the user add,
edit, or delete one. The add or edit would open another window that would
contain labels, entry fields, scrolling lists, drop downs, etc. (I'm very
comfortable with Smalltalk, but perhaps have been spoiled by
WindowBuilder/Pro.) I'd like to help my 14-year old son move up from
Hypercard, but my office Smalltalks don't run on the Mac!

If someone is looking for a project, that would be one I would appreciate.
It could be a tutorial or even code to file in and study.

In any case, I'm enjoying what I've seen and the discussions here.

Thanks again,

James Foster

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