WinCE and Sound I/O

johnm at johnm at
Tue Feb 9 05:38:13 UTC 1999

Thanks for the review of the Nino. I've been curious about it.

I would be interested in hearing reports on the sound input
and output quality of various PDA's. The Newton, I know, has
excellent sound. But all the WinCE machines I've tried seem
to have extremely low-quality sound recording, even at the
maximum quality settings. Sound output quality also seems
poor, although it is hard to separate the quality of the
signal from the quality of the speakers. Oddly enough, none
of the WinCE devices I've looked at have either an external
microphone jack or, more surprisingly, a headphone jack.

How is the Nino's sound quality? How about other WinCE machines?
Does anyone know the actual hardware sampling rate and sample
size specs of any of these machines? (I know some low-cost
devices use D/A converters with only 10 or 12 bit resolution).

	-- John

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