Building Squeak 2.3 for IRIX.

Raab, Andreas Andreas.Raab at
Tue Feb 23 01:17:05 UTC 1999

One minor note:

> For now, I have changed "-mips2 -32" to "-n32 mips3".  The advantage of
> this option is that it compiles to the newest ABI in a way that will run
> on both R4000 series and R5000 series machines.  (I can compile this on
> my desk and expect it to run lots of places.)  The n32 ABI is alleged to
> be the higest performance of the current 32 bit ABI's extant.  The
> DISadvantage is that the compiler is a LOT more finicky.
And that it won't run on older Irix versions. -32 runs on 5.3 and later
(-n32 does not) and there are still a couple of machines running 5.3/5.4
(WDI just switched from 5.3 to 6.2 on one of our primary machines).



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