Doug Way dway at mat.net
Thu Mar 23 23:06:19 UTC 2000

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, John Duncan wrote:

> Hmm, this brings up another point, that pittsburgh is nicely located
> canada (6hrs from ontario) and the south.  Also, I can't imagine
> midwesterners making it to florida very easily, but pgh is right
> there.

I guess if enough people wanted to do it in, say, Florida, a separate
event could be set up there, too.  (Certainly this would make sense for a
SqueakEnd in Europe.)  But the law of diminishing returns starts to
apply... if you have too many events, you'll likely have fewer people at
each event.

So far, there seems to be enough interest (11+ people) in having one in
Pittsburgh, that it sounds like a plan.  In any case, John was the only
one to actually volunteer to arrange a location, which counts for a lot.

- Doug Way
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