Display speed (was: RE: Timers, Stepping, Co-routines and Riverdance in Squeak)

Bert Freudenberg bert at isgnw.CS.Uni-Magdeburg.De
Thu Mar 23 08:58:23 UTC 2000

On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Lex Spoon wrote:

> I think Linux display setups just aren't all that optimized normally. 
> In my case, I don't have an especially recent X server, and my X server
> is running at 32-bits.  My version of the VM isn't all that new, and I
> doubt this part of the VM has been tuned all that much on Unix, anyway. 

Actually, it has. IMHO the current version is near optimum within the
limits of portability. The in-place swapping is not implemented yet
because the data has to be copied anyway. With XSHM the image data needs
to be allocated by shmget() so the Display form cannot be used.

> Probably if I bothered to work on all of this, the numbers would get
> much better.

Go for it :-)

Especially for us Linuxers XF86DGA seems like an option to get more speed.
Also, the copying loops probably could be improved by assembler code (I
tried within C already, without luck).


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