Local Squeak Groups (was: Squeak New England?!)

Ivan Brusic ibrusic at wsicorp.com
Fri Mar 24 22:38:56 UTC 2000

cgundel at domainpharma.com wrote:
> Well, I'm here in Boston!  As you can see, Chris Norton is also close by.
> Where exactly do you live Ivan?
> Okay now, all you other Yanks can come out of hiding!  ;-)

I have created two new pages on the Squeak swiki:

Squeak Groups - a page for listing any additional Squeak groups that may
exist.  GaTech Squeakers, Squeak Central and the MathMorph group are
some of the groups that come to mind.

New England Squeakers - a page for Squeakers in the Greater Boston
area.  I have already listed myself under this page, and I will love to
meet any Squeakers in the area.

By no means am I suggesting having a SqueakFest in New England.  We
should all recognize and appreciate John Duncan's effort in creating an
East Coast version of the SqueakEnd.  Informal (bi)monthly get togethers
at the local level could be extremely interesting and productive.  There
are numerous Java/Smalltalk user groups, why not Squeak?

>From the Bay State,



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