Oh dear. (RE: Squeak New England?! Re: SqueakEast?)

John Duncan jddst19+ at pitt.edu
Fri Mar 24 23:53:25 UTC 2000

Well, for the people who would be flying in, Pittsburgh has a major hub, and
$1.95 public transportation from the airport to Oakland.  A hotel shuttle is
$10, and a cab is $30-$35, depending on the driver.  The public transit's
just as good as the airport shuttle, though.  We also have the best airport,
hands down.


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> I will make every attempt to make an East Coast meeting.  The best
> location for me would be New York, but virtually anything (Boston,
> Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, DC, Atlanta, Orlando, ...) would work for me.
> Everything is basically equally far from Boulder, Colorado... :)
> -Eric

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