[ENH] Case independent numbers

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> I will have to admit to a bit of bigotry here.  I was the originator of
> the numeric format, and I object to a couple of the ANSI decisions
> regarding the syntax of numeric constants.  I have three reasons for
> this...
> 1.  I much prefer 2r1e31 to 2r10000000000000000000000000000000 for the
> sign bit and 16rFe8 for the high nibble of a 32-bit integer and 10e6 for a
> million.  Come on.
> 2.  I just feel that the current (Squeak) def, which is the original one,
> is a micro world of simplicity and generality.  Radix, digits and exponent
> defined analogously over ints, largeInts, and Floats.  That's all.
> 3.  I have spent entire hours with inquisitive kids, just exploring this
> micro world.  If they get bored with 2r1e10 then it's time to step out and
> explore the meaning of 3r11.2.
Hmmmm.  OK, I think I understand your view on this.  But it's still not

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