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Fri Mar 24 18:45:47 UTC 2000

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Thanks for this.  I am (hopefully) going to make my own HandMorph 
subclass this weekend.  I will be very interested in any work that
is done with HandMorph.

I got the following advice from Dan Ingalls on working on something
like HandMorph without clobbering Morphic:

>What you might want to do instead would be to have a little do-it that
replaces the current >hand by yours, and saves the original in a global or a
class variable.  Then you could add >a line to the error handler that would
restore the original hand and put yours where it can >be inspected -- maybe
just swap them.

>You might want to check out 'as:', a message in object that would allow you
to very quickly >initialize your hand as a copy of the existing hand.
>	SaveHand := World swapHandWith: (World activeHand as:
>Then in errors,
>	CosmoHand := World swapHandWith: SaveHand.

Any other advice is very welcome.

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