Squeak on FPGA custom CPUs

Mike Rutenberg mdr at scn.org
Fri Sep 8 12:50:18 UTC 2000


Any more you can say about your FPGA cpu Squeak VM?  You are thinking of
dynamically reprogramming it?  Jitter VI :-) ?

There is an interesting small CPU core at http://www.fpgacpu.org (a 16
bit MIPs architecture subset with 32 bit version in progress I believe).
 Two features may be of particular interest -- it implements a tightly
designed system on a chip, with buses and IO, and leave lots of FPGA
area free for other things (Squeak hardware!).  Jan's focus was to
design a well engineered, clearly explained CPU.  There are couple of
good and detailed articles on the web site.  (When the 32 bit version is
done, we have been thinking of getting up a Squeak VM on it).


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