Thread-safe TranscriptStream

David N. Smith (IBM) dnsmith at
Wed Sep 20 19:57:48 UTC 2000

At 8:00 -0700 9/20/00, Tim Rowledge wrote:
>jchludzinski at is widely believed to have written:
>> Could the keepers of Squeak 2.8 PLEASE add the changes to the 
>> TranscriptStream class that make it thread safe.  I posted this
>> request a month ago and got NO response.  We are using Squeak in a
>> prototyping effort and it would be greatly APPRECIATED if everytime
>> one of our engineers downloads Squeak 2.8, they don't have to also
>> remember to 'fileIn' the FIXED  TranscriptStream class.
>If it hurts, stop doing it! Download a copy, 'fix' it and have your
>staff use that image... it's what we, and probably every other
>trying-to-be commercial user, do. It's part of the cost of doing
>business based on a rapidly ceveloping system.

I agree with Tim. Fix it yourself, then, if the fix looks generally useful, release it to the community. There is an ongoing effort to identify those fixes/updates/goodies which should be in the base; if your's is chosen, then it'll show up some day. I always look through the new updates listing to see if any of mine made it, even if they were just 2-3 lines of code, because it means I'm  off the hook.

I have a number of changes in 'my' application that are not really useful to others (or are hacks). I try to make them as isolated from existing code as possible so I minimize possible future hits.

Note that judicious use of change sets can make the process easier, as well as some documentation somewhere telling how to load your code in a new image.

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