Rough first version of SCAN server up

Hans-Martin Mosner hm.mosner at
Wed Sep 20 18:55:23 UTC 2000

today I managed to install a rough first version of the SCAN repository
HTTP server at
This one does not do uploads yet, and if you manage to find the sources
(they're all there) you'll see that there are a lot of things missing.
However, the navigation, retrieval and search seem to work fine.
BTW, this thing runs in a 2.9alpha image/VM under SuSE Linux 6.3 on a
700MHz PIII. The access times look very good, and although the
repository is quite small now, I expect the performance to stay mostly
the same when it gets larger.
During the next week, I'll do some more stuff to integrate SCAN with the
ChangeSet mechanism, and it will hopefully support installation of local
repositories with replication soon.


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