[FIX] Faster character scanning

Hans-Martin Mosner hm.mosner at cityweb.de
Sat Sep 16 19:49:16 UTC 2000


This change set fixes a bug with character displaying which was
especially severe in the MVC world: The BitBlt used by character
scanning operations was not set up correctly (width and startX were nil)
so that the first call to the character display primitive would fail,
causing each glyph to be displayed with a separate call to copyBits.
In addition, this change set utilizes deferred displaying to make text
display, scrolling and editing in MVC much smoother and somewhat faster,
especially on slowish machines such as mine :-).

The bug is present in 2.8 and 2.9; this changeset has been generated
from the most current 2.9alpha and has been tested there and in a 2.8
image at patch level 2359.

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